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Nimbleo Mobile

Web Services on the Go.

Illustration: Nimbleo

Welcome to Nimbleo, the mobile web service for people and companies on the move! Nimbleo makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to create your own mobile website for business or personal use:

Business or Personal? Features & Benefits Account Login Terms & Privacy Disclaimer Help / Support

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Business or Personal?

Select your NIMBLEO option!

Build a mobile site in 5 minutes! Select the Business or Personal site option that best fits your needs, and launch your customized mobile site now:

Business Mobile Site - What You Get:

Click here to see a Business site example

Business Option 1 - Monthly

$ 7.95

Don't worry about renewals.

Business subscription, 30-day intervals. You can cancel at any time, and are protected by Nimbleo's subscription terms and policies. PayPal is our secure subscription payment provider.

Business Option 2: Annual

$ 79.95

Get a nice discount!

Build traction in the search engines, drive additional traffic to your company website, and run short-term and long-term mobile campaigns and promotions from a professional mobile site.

Personal Mobile Site - What You Get:

Click here to see a Personal site example

Personal Option 1: 30 Days

$ 4.99


Mobile site will expire automatically if not renewed.

Personal Option 2: Subscription

$ 3.99

Don't worry about renewals.

Ongoing subscription, 30-day intervals. You can cancel at any time, and are protected by Nimbleo's subscription terms and policies. PayPal is our secure subscription payment provider.

Personal Option 3: 12 Months

$ 39.95

Planning on a Budget.

Provide a reliable, easy-to-update mobile "point of contact" for family, friends, co-workers, recruiters... - and save!

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

With Nimbleo, you can launch a mobile-optimized website right from your mobile phone, or from your desktop computer (no mobile phone number required!).

Business Site: Fast & flexible.

  • full mobile business site
  • no IT skills required
  • rapid deployment - can be launched from mobile phone
  • use as mobile landing page for main company site
  • no domain registration required
  • business contact form
  • includes mobile barcode for use in your print or display advertising, so smartphone users get automatically forwarded to your mobile site - no need to type in the link!
  • subdomain forward possible ("mobile.yourdomainname.com") (setup charge)
  • Google Analytics code-ready
  • feature customization possible

Personal Site: 1-2-3 - and done!

  • no computer knowledge required
  • mobile-optimized homepage
  • no domain registration headaches
  • get found faster on the Internet
  • boost traffic for your existing homepage or social media profile
  • contact form
  • pay-as-you-go
  • low monthly fee

Launch Your Mobile Site Today!

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Account Login

Account Login

Nimbleo Site Owner Login

Mail me my password

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Terms & Privacy Disclaimer

Terms & Privacy Disclaimer

Privacy Policy

We appreciate your business. As a matter of principle, Nimbleo respects your privacy and will not abuse your trust.

We will not ask you by email to provide sensitive nformation like your Social Security Number. If you should receive email from someone requesting that kind of information on our behalf, you can safely assume that such messages are fraudulent. Don't respond, and let us know.

PayPal is our secure payment transaction provider for using fee-based services on this site. You do not need to be a PayPal member to use your major credit card when purchasing products or services on Nimbleo.

We will NOT send you unwanted email ("spam"). You will only receive messages to confirm, or follow up on, transactions on Nimbleo, or if you expressed your consent to receive information through our permission-based email list ("opt-in").

To provide our users with the best Nimbleo experience possible, we use Internet "cookies" and other website traffic tracking and monitoring methods, including Google Analytics. If you are not comfortable with that, this site may be not for you.

If you represent a company that would like to track its traffic to and from its own Nimbleo mobile business website - yes, that is possible with a mobile business site account. Best practices suggest letting your customers or clients know (usually in a disclaimer, like here).

Nimbleo Site Policy

Sites not in compliance with our site policies will be removed.

Content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material is prohibited on Nimbleo, as is the promotion of hatred toward groups of people based on their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity. Impersonation of others is prohibited on Nimbleo. Nimbleo mobile sites that are not in accordance with our Site Policy will be deleted.

Adult Sites: We prohibit any adult (pornographic) websites on Nimbleo, including pedophile sites / child pornography, sites linking to pornographic sites (outside links) and pornographic advertisements on your own site.
Illegal use: Nimbleo services may not be used for illegal purposes, or in support of illegal activities.
Copyright or trademark infringement: The use of Nimbleo services to transmit any material (by e-mail, uploading, posting, hot linking, directly linking or otherwise) that infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or other proprietary rights of any third party, including, but not limited to, the unauthorized copying of copyrighted material, the digitization and distribution of photographs from magazines, books, or other copyrighted sources, and the unauthorized transmittal of copyrighted software, is prohibited.
Viruses, Spyware, and Malware: Distribution through Nimbleo of software that attempts to access and/or cause damage, harassment, or annoyance to persons, data, and/or computer systems is prohibited. Distribution of software that monitors computer or computer user activity without the computer user's knowledge and consent is prohibited.
Spamming: Sending unsolicited commercial or bulk emails using Nimbleo services is prohibited.

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Nimbleo Mobile Site Launched

- For Immediate Release -

News Release

Nimbleo Launches Mobile Website

San Francisco HQ Now "Live" on Smartphones, Tablet Computers

San Francisco, CA (02/14/2012). Nimbleo has announced the official launch of a new website for mobile platforms. The mobile site is geared towards smartphone and tablet PC users. It provides tools & tips to build mobile business or personal websites optimized for smartphones or tablet computers in just a few minutes..

Nimbleo, which is based in San Francisco, launched this service to accommodate Internet users who use mobile platforms like smartphones and tablet computers to access the Web.

According to industry reports, that group is growing at record speed. A recent survey found that of 830 million members of the social networking platform Facebook worldwide, more than half by now access the service via mobile phones or tablet PCs.

The new Nimbleo mobile site can be found online at www.nimbleo.com/90217.html. It puts information and resources like "Business or Personal?" or "Help / Support" literally at web visitors' fingertips. The site allows mobile users to connect with Nimbleo conveniently in a matter of seconds, a spokesperson pointed out.

According to Nimbleo, the new site is specifically designed for Internet users "on the go". It loads faster than conventional websites designed for stationary computers and notebook PCs. It also can easily be accessed on small smartphone screens or tablet computers, even under difficult light conditions.

About Nimbleo: http://www.nimbleo.com
Email: support@nimbleo.com

Source: Nimbleo Mobile News
Media Release Service


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Nimbleo Blog

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Nimbleo Mobile News Service

Associations / Groups News

GACC New York Launches Mobile Website (06/20/2013)

New York City, NY-based GACC New York targets smartphone and tablet PC users. It fosters transatlantic business and careers through a network for US and German entrepreneurs and trade

Read full mobile news release

Recruiting News

Germany-USA Career Center Launches Mobile Website (03/06/2012)

Falmouth, MA-based Germany-USA Career Center targets smartphone and tablet PC users. It provides professional career coaching and consulting services for job seekers and employees in USA and Germany.

Read full mobile news release

Transportation / Travel News

Alameda Pedicab Launches Mobile Website (02/16/2012)

Alameda, CA-based Alameda Pedicab targets smartphone and tablet PC users. It provides smartphone-ready information on how to make pedicab / bicycle rickshaw reservations for green and ethnic weddings, private or corporate events in the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley

Read full mobile news release

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Help / Support


Customer Support
101 California St. Suite 2450
Suite 240
San Francisco, CA 94111

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need a mobile phone number to create a mobile site through Nimbleo?

No. Nimbleo does not require you to provide your mobile phone number to set up a site. You don't even need a mobile phone.

Question: Is my Nimbleo mobile site installed on my smartphone or tablet computer?

No, it is not connected to your mobile device at all. Nimbleo sites are micro-websites specifically designed and optimized to be viewed easily and fast on mobile devices - by the rapidly growing circle of your (new) customers, audience/s, association, community or church members, contacts, family or friends who use mobile platforms - smartphones, tablet computers - to browse websites, and purchase products or services on the Internet.

Question: Can I set up or modify my Nimbleo mobile site from my smartphone or tablet computer?

Yes, you absolutely can, and that's the beauty of it. If that is your preference, you can maintain your business or personal mobile site from your favorite mobile device.

Or you simply log in from a computer in the office or at home.

To upload a picture or company logo, you need to log in from a desktop or notebook computer. Most mobile devices are not designed to upload files.

Question: What software do I need to create a mobile site with Nimbleo?

All you need is a current web browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer...) with JavaScript enabled, or a mobile device based on iOS or Android operating systems.

Question: How do visitors find my new mobile site?

Answer: Nimbleo will make its customers' mobile sites accessible to major search engines. In addition, we recommend

Question: Is this an "app"?
Answer: Nope - better. It doesn't take up space on your mobile device's App storage.

If you are considering a mobile site for your business, creating it on Nimbleo will save you valuable time-to-market and thousands of dollars, compared with professional "app" development market rates.

A professional-looking mobile business site based on the Nimbleo platform can be created in 5 minutes - by you!

Question: How can we add advanced, customized features to our mobile business site on Nimbleo?

Answer: We think that Nimbleo Mobile Business Site options match many common scenarios that can be realized on a mobile platform.
However, we welcome your suggestions, and will be happy to consider customization requests for your site - talk to us!

Question: Do I have to register an Internet domain in order to create a mobile-optimized business website with Nimbleo?

Answer: No. You can even launch mobile "ad-hoc" sites with Nimbleo, for example to drive a mobile campaign or special sale for your business.

However, if you have a business website in place already, your Nimbleo mobile site can "live" on a subdomain of that Internet site, like "mobile.yourbusinessnamehere.com.

EmailWeb: http://www.nimbleo.com Nimbleo Mobile Site http://twitter.com/NimbleoSites

02/14/2012: Nimbleo Launches Mobile Site (News Release)

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Report Site Abuse to Nimbleo

You have arrived at this page because you clicked the "Report Site Abuse" button on a personal mobile site which is hosted by Nimbleo. Nimbleo is committed to provide a safe and secure environment for mobile content and business in accordance with U.S. and international law. Mobile sites which are not in accordance with our Site Policy will be deleted.


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