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GACC New York Mobile

German American Commerce Club
Please note: NOT a Chamber of Commerce!

Illustration: German American Commerce Club

The German American Commerce Club of New York (GACCNY) fosters transatlantic business, friendship and careers by connecting entrepreneurs and expat job seekers through its network for German-American and U.S.-German trade.

Der German American Commerce Club in New York (GACCNY) hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die transatlantische Wirtschaft, Freundschaft und Personalentwicklung zu fördern. Dies geschieht durch Bereitstellen eines Netzwerks für den deutsch-amerikanischen Handel, das Startup-Firmen beim Markteinstieg in den USA unterstützt, mit Schwerpunkt Ostküste / Northeastern USA / New York City.

For Companies / Start-ups Job Search in New York City? Startup Marketing / PR American / German Links News Digest Membership Services

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For Companies / Start-ups

Illustration: For Companies / Start-ups (GACC New York Mobile)

How can your German company stand out in New York / New Jersey?

German American Commerce Club entrepreneurs, and the businesses they support, can help you make it big in the Big Apple. You know the line from the song "New York, New York," don't you?

If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere!

As an example, our member companies use the Germany-USA Career Center (GUCC) for recruiting the finest expert talent available in US-German business. Members of GACC NY receive a 10 % discount on ALL their services.

GUCC is a specialized niche service for business between North America and Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It provides the largest up-to-date Resume Database for this niche, plus advertising opportunities on the website and on its permission-based Germany-USA "Job Mail" opt-in mailing list.
Post Job/sIf you are looking to hire German-speaking candidates for your business, you can contact the Germany-USA Career Center for a free Resume Library preview:Free CV Database PreviewEmployer Hotline: +1 (508) 597-7101Looking for German-speaking administrative assistants, technical support or IT staff, translators, business development managers or sales reps? The Germany-USA Career Center also provides Position / Situation Sought postings (German: "Stellengesuche"):Position Sought Ads

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Job Search in New York City?

Job Search in New York City?

For Germans and Americans seeking employment with a (German-backed or owned) company in the New York City metro area / Northeastern United States, we recommend the Germany-USA Career Center and its specialized Career Services. Position Sought Ads
GUCC membership and uploading your CV in its niche-focused Resume Library is FREE of charge, while other official trade organizations may charge you a fee for membership.
You may also want to subscribe to their widely circulated newsletter for job seekers in USA and Germany, the Germany-USA Job Mail list (opt-in). You will then receive notifications about new jobs for bi-lingual and multi-lingual candidates posted on the website:
Create Job Search Account
Note: AFTER you have studied the GUCC website, we recommend calling them for a free 15-minute phone consultation, if you still need personal advice tailored to your job search situation. Tap on the button below, and when prompted for your name by the receptionist, say "Free Consultation, please."
Free Consultation, please: +1 (508) 597-7101

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Startup Marketing / PR

Startup Marketing / PR

Different folks require different strokes. For high-tech start-ups, we recommend:

Editorial Office Gerd Meissner - Business-to-Business & Business-to-Consumer Content Creation, Marketing, Localization & Social Media
Content, Marketing & PR for Start-ups
Meissner schrieb den Wirtschafts-Bestseller "SAP - Die heimliche Software Macht" (Verlag Hoffmann und Campe, Heyne), dessen US-Ausgabe unter dem Title "SAP - Inside the Secret Software Power" bei McGraw-Hill in New York erschienen ist. Der Kalifornier gilt als Experte für Content Marketing und Kommunikation von deutschen Unternehmen, insbesondere High-Tech-Startups, in den USA.

Meissner gründete die legendäre amerikanisch-deutsche Entrepreneur-Community "Silicon Valley for Germans", die im deutschen Manager Magazin und im Management-Standardwerk zum Thema, The Entrepreneurial Shift von Robert R. Locke und Katja Schöne, beschrieben ist.

Vom Silicon Valley aus unterstützt seine Agentur deutsche Start-ups dabei, US-kompatible integrierte PR / MarCom sowie Social-Media-Kampagnen zu entwickeln (b2b, b2c), die in den Vereinigten Staaten "ankommen".

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American / German Links

American / German Links

More bilaterial / binational trade resources recommended by our members. If you like, share them on Twitter:

American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (AmCham)

Florida-Stellenmarkt & Stellengesuche

Germany-USA Career Center Blog (in English)

AHK San Francisco (German American Chambers of Commerce)

Germany in NYC New York City German event and culture guide

Germany-USA Career Adviser Service
USA, Germany - Coaching, Expat, Career Consulting by experienced HR Professionals Since 1998 (auf Wunsch auch auf Deutsch)
Germany-USA Career Adviser Service

German Missions in USA
"Think Transatlantic" - Further Resources

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GACC New York Mobile Site Launched

- For Immediate Release -

News Release

GACC New York Launches Mobile Website

New York City HQ Now "Live" on Smartphones, Tablet Computers

New York City, NY (06/20/2013). GACC New York has announced the official launch of a new website for mobile platforms. The mobile site is geared towards smartphone and tablet PC users. It fosters transatlantic business and careers through a network for US and German entrepreneurs and trade.

GACC New York, which is based in New York City, launched this service to accommodate Internet users who use mobile platforms like smartphones and tablet computers to access the Web.

According to industry reports, that group is growing at record speed. A recent survey found that of 830 million members of the social networking platform Facebook worldwide, more than half by now access the service via mobile phones or tablet PCs.

The new German American Commerce Club mobile site can be found online at www.nimbleo.com/902417.html. It puts information and resources like "For Companies / Start-ups" or "Membership Services" literally at web visitors' fingertips. The site allows mobile users to connect with GACC New York conveniently in a matter of seconds, a spokesperson pointed out.

According to GACC New York, the new site is specifically designed for Internet users "on the go". It loads faster than conventional websites designed for stationary computers and notebook PCs. It also can easily be accessed on small smartphone screens or tablet computers, even under difficult light conditions.

About GACC New York: http://www.gaccny.org
Email: dongadams@yahoo.com

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Media Release Service


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GACC New York Blog

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Membership Services

GACC New York

Membership Services Dept.
Don G. Adams
5 Hanover Square
New York City, NY 10004

Membership is by invitation to qualified founders / entrepreneurs only. Contact our Membership Chair at the German American Commerce Club of New York (GACC New York) for details.

We do not encourage drop-in business.

Please note: We are not a so-called German American Chamber of Commerce.

Receive local event invites and learn about new jobs and internship opportunities by following @gaccNY on Twitter. Learn about how to qualify for Commerce Club membership. Tip: Compulsive re-tweeters or otherwise social startups get on our shortlist ;-)

If you are a German or an American looking for a job with German companies or American companies in NYC, New York state, Connecticut, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine or Philadelphia, we encourage you to support the companies and organizations recommended on this site.

This way, you can do your part to help the German American Commerce Club of New York in its successful efforts of building and strengthening our vibrant, future oriented German-American business community!

EmailWeb: http://www.gaccny.org GACC New York Mobile Site http://twitter.com/gaccNY

06/20/2013: GACC New York Launches Mobile Site (News Release)

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